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Editor’s Letter

I’ll Take Experience Over New

To quote Stevie Wonder’s classic, “Love’s in Need of Love Today”: “Good morn or evening, friends. Here’s your friendly announcer. I have serious news to pass on to everybody.”

During the end of last year, so much transition was taking place. Detroit’s relationship with high-end luxury increased, the art scene was exploding again, and local black businesses were enjoying their time in the spotlight. By the time this is published we will have gone through a vivacious holiday season and are now into the newness of the new year.

At BLAC there’s been an awakening of sorts.


With a new year comes a new set of expectations and revelations. There’s that knowledge of who in the city has our back and who is set out to destroy our name. I’ve been very surprised and, at times, disappointed by the response to BLAC’s name as some kind of comeback or an introduction. Knowing just as many that want you to succeed are there to see and help you fail can be disheartening.

When you learn, mature and stretch, you hold tight to what’s real. Everything falls on the editor-in-chief. And while I celebrate the wins, the failures crush me harder. What I really love about this job, being in this position in this city, is its resilience. Sometimes we’re blamed, bad-mouthed, cursed out and quickly forgotten, but BLAC is still able to share stories of noted authors who have once written for its pages. We can share our stories of acupuncture health or artistic contemplation. Resilience and love for those of us that give love is what keeps us going.

The cover story of NBA champion Isiah Thomas and his continued relationship to the city and dedication to his family is an example of that growth and that maturity that comes with experience. Not only in our travel, food and cigar experiences but also in our hurt, our pain and our experiences of celebration we’re made into who we are and the leaders we have to be.

We have become stronger, more focused and information-driven in our storytelling, and in servicing our advertisers and partners, especially through the work of our publisher Billy Strawter, Jr. and his team at Milo. We are still learning, still growing and maturing in 2023 and we’re going to keep doing what we do best.

 Stay tuned, Detroit.



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