BLAC Magazine November 2022

BLAC Detroit November 2022 Cover
BLAC Detroit November 2022 Cover

Editors Letter

To quote Nicki Minaj in Moment For Life: ‘I Wish That I Could Have This Moment For Life.’ During BLACs new ownership, so much change took place. Detroit’s cannabis legacy license failed, the big slide made a worldwide comeback, Motown started phase #1 of their $50M renovation, and Detroit was named in Time Magazine’s Most desirable places to live. By the time this is published we will have a black women in Michigan’s Supreme Court justice.

And even at BLAC, there’s been a changing of the guard.

Being the New editor-in-chief of BLAC comes with a change in my mindset. There’s that pressure that comes with being the leader of anything and that excitement about how much positive change could be possible during my tenure. I find myself moving from writer to editor and recognizing how much weight my opinion and expertise holds. Trusting yourself is a much more arduous task when you remember that what you say goes, and it affects a team of people whom you care for and really want to succeed.

In the face of so much change, we hold tight to the things that stay consistent. One of the many things I love about BLAC is how it champions the doers of Detroit and their ever-present passion in doing what we do in our community and for our people. Love for the city of Detroit runs through the pages of BLAC’s November Holiday Entertaining. The cover and its feature represents a local group of brands dedicated to providing holiday warmth and gifts to you, all born, bred and made in the D. These business owners work tirelessly so we hope that you will support them. Because we’re creeping towards Thankful and Giving season, comfort lives in Black family kitchens from sweet potatoes recipes to wines and liquors, BLAC has you covered. Not one of recipes and black-owned brands puts less than all of themselves into what they do.


The legacy of a leader has been at the top of my mind since taking the position. It’s funny how you think of the end just as you start a new beginning. I should hope mine upholds the standard set by our advertisers, and especially our publisher Billy Strawter, Jr. and his team at MILO: acting with love, respect yet empathy for Black culture and creative enthusiasm. I want to thank you for setting such a beautiful stage for our words.

We are looking forward to serving you Detroit, Darralynn.

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