BLAC Magazine October 2022

BLAC October 2022 Cover
BLAC October 2022 Cover

Said artist administrator and educational director, Malika Pryor, grand daughter to Detroit’s own Dell Pryor, powerhouse art curator, gallery owner and art enthusiast. Pryor, of course, is also curator and moving force behind a commemorative; three part exhibit, mural installation and art reveal that BLAC is honored to share on the pages of BLAC’s annual Art Issue. Sharing this moment with her and the Pryor family of artists while appreciating the real work done to bring art to the Detroit community in places where art was bare makes us humble.

The fall is colorful; the skies and tree agree and I’m so proud to be able to tell the Pryor exhibit story and the story of our own Black art giants and how they have preserved this artistic genre of expression. One of the many things missed in Detroit Public Schools are art programs right now.  But our October issue is fully immersed in the form that we support, love an appreciate; this art issue was ten years in the making.

As I write my second ‘Letter from the Editor,’ as BLAC’s new Editor in Chief; I have to admit that art is not my strong topic of conversation. These following pages have forced me to pay attention to Black art and art education in a new way. Appreciation isn’t enough, black art needs our dollars to survive so we commit to an artist profile appearing weekly on the online pages of BLAC Media and in the BLAC Friday newsletter. One of those artists, chocolatier Phillip Ashley creates beautiful art pieces with every piece of his famous chocolates; another are the architects renovating the Motown Museum encapsulating remnants of our musical royalty on display for the world to see, and of course, our Discoveries section, full of October reads and films created by black artists..

I want to thank Billy Strawter, Jr., our publisher,  and the writers for their contributions to this issue all while putting their trust in me to lead the charge of growing our editorial voice. Fall of 2022 is colorful and inspiring.

Here is it, our fall issue of artistic expression.


P.S. If you are a budding writer or photographer/videographer interested in learning more about joining the BLAC Editorial Team. send an email to

Darralynn Hutson


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