February 2020

Feb 2020 BLAC Detroit

With great pride, we present The Skin Issue, a celebration of black skin and bodies. Throughout the February issue, discover an array of skin-related content. We’ve got your winter skin care tips courtesy of Dr. Brittany Carter-Snell and an in-depth look at colorism in black America and beyond. A survivor of the skin condition hidradenitis suppurativa and a frequent BLAC contributor shares her story, we reflect on white/black relationships, we implant into the world of professional cuddlers and much more.


Brown Beauty: Colorism Within Black America and Beyond

The idea that lighter skin is more beautiful permeates within black America and beyond – measurable in microaggressions and systematic oppression.
skin care

A Closer Look at Our Go-To Skin Care Oils

They grab our attention when we see them listed on product labels, but how much do we really know about the ins and outs – and dos and don’ts – of our favorite oils?
professional cuddlers

A Peek Inside the World of Professional Cuddlers

A solid squeeze has the power to lift your spirits and lower your blood pressure. Once thought as something only to be shared between lovers and friends, some have stepped up to provide cuddles to those who desire it while making a few extra bucks themselves.
skin care tips

Dermatologist Dr. Brittany Carter-Snell Gives Her Winter Skin Care Tips

The Carter Snell Skin Center doctor is helping us have beautiful, healthy skin year-round.
interracial relationships

With Interracial Relationships, We’re Down for the Swirl When it’s Good for the Black...

Black men are far more likely than black women to marry outside of the race – and more likely to get married period. Is it time for black women to expand their search for love?
hidradenitis suppurativa

Freelancer and Filmmaker Jasmine Espy Shares Her Battle Over Hidradenitis Suppurativa

After years of frustration and misdiagnoses, Espy got control of the debilitating skin condition. Now she’s chronicled her journey in a documentary, ‘My Gold Lining.’
Mothering Justice

Danielle Atkinson, Founder and Executive Director, Mothering Justice

A lifelong passion for advocacy led this mom of six to form an organization that empowers mothers of color to fight for economic equity.
Washtenaw County African American Genealogy Society

The Washtenaw County African American Genealogy Society Traces Our Roots

Cheryl Garnett and Omer Jean Winborn says this area is rich in African American history.
The Detroit Pepper Company

The Detroit Pepper Company Delivers the Good Stuff

The East English Village takeout restaurant serves up stuffed bell peppers, salads, smoothies and more.
Pap smear

Ask the Expert: Why is it Important to Get a Pap Screening?

Dr. Simisola Caxton-Idowu says young women should begin regular Pap testing at age 21.
Lanette's Shrimp House

Lanette’s Shrimp House Opens in the Old Miley & Miley Shrimp Shack Spot

Lawyer Todd Perkins opened the Highland Park restaurant as an homage to his late wife Jetuan Lanette.
Martin Luther King Jr.

SEEN: Wayne State University’s Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute Luncheon

On Jan. 21, WSU invited the community to the Max M. and Marjorie S. Fisher Music Center to honor and celebrate the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.