January 2020


New decade, who dis? As we settle into 2020, we examine how a mindfulness meditation habit may help us better control our minds, bodies and spirits. We also take a look at the e-cigarette – friend or foe? Student loan debt can be ankle weights that slow us down for years. Learn how to plan for, manage and pay for higher education. And we’ve got your indoor dossier, a gender-neutral fragrance line, new books plus much more. Don’t forget to snag a hard copy of BLAC for our annual pullout calendar. We scoured the city for our favorite hidden gems. Can you ID them, month to month, with just one pic and a few hints?

Mindfulness meditation

Using Mindfulness Meditation for a Steady Start to the New Year

Proponents of mindfulness meditation claim benefits like reduced stress, self-awareness and even improved physical health. As we shuck 2019 and cozy up to a new year, is it time to revisit an ancient tradition?

What We Know About the E-Cigarette Trend

E-cigarettes have been touted as a familiar way to deliver the nicotine that smokers crave and help them shake their addiction to traditional cigarettes – but how safe are they, really?
student loan debt

The Perils of Student Loan Debt

For many college students, student loan debt is a hard reality that can linger for years. Here’s how to plan for, and manage, paying for higher education.
watch night

As We Enter a New (Election) Year, the Future of Our Nation Could Rest...

Passivity isn’t going to cut it if things are to change in 2020.
home entertainment

Wait out the Cold with our Indoor Dossier

Your home entertainment handbook.
Lay'na Michelle

‘R&B Empress’ Lay’na Michelle Recounts Her Steady Climb

The rising singer has waded through trauma toward happiness and triumph, bringing her fans along or the ride.
Teeq Tequila

Black Woman-Led Teeq Tequila Offers Smooth Spirits for the Grown-Up Drinker

The brand delivers three varieties of tequila free from added sugar and artificial syrups.
Madison Miles and Friends

‘Madison Miles and Friends’ Chapter Book Series Follows Four Black Girls

Authored by Daralynn Walker, the series addresses self-identity, character and confidence.
One Fragrance Co.

One Fragrance Co. Offers Gender-Neutral Fragrances, Introduces New Line

Jamie Wadsworth’s philosophy is that scent is about the individual – not the gender.
Veterans Dinner Gala

SEEN: MGM Grand Detroit Annual Veterans Dinner Gala

On Dec. 19, about 300 veterans were invited to MGM Grand Detroit for its annual holiday party.
Hydrate Detroit

Demeeko Williams, Founder and Chief Director, Hydrate Detroit

With a belief that safe and affordable water is a basic human right, this activist works to prevent water shutoffs and change policy in Detroit.
No Time to Hate

New Book by Craig E. Rush ‘No Time to Hate’ Retells Black History

The author uses archives and Ancestry.com to tell his great-great-grandfather Lexius Henson Sr.’s story.
Tax Drive USA

Tax Drive USA is Detroit’s First Black-Owned Mobile Tax Preparation Service

The guys of Tax Drive USA – headed by Jerry Hardy – promise convenience, professionalism and low costs.

Ask the Expert: How Do Social Determinants Impact Health?

Factors like environment, poor nutrition and access to transportation can significantly affect health.