January 2021


Keeping healthy

Once the bottles have been popped and the confetti has settled – and the resolutions we were once so enthused about have disappeared with the hum of the everyday – many of us fall into a slump. Ah, the dreaded winter blues. But, 2020 didn’t end with a bang as much as with an exhausted saunter, like a marathon runner lugging their beaten and broken body across the finish line. And, so, really there’s nowhere to go but up, right?

Perhaps. Still, much as we’d like to think otherwise, Earth completing one more revolution around the sun doesn’t marvelously wash everything clean. Along with our swollen feet, many of us are carrying the effects to our mental health across that tape. It looks like depression, anxiety and the dull but disturbing ache of loneliness. Some days, moving from the couch to the armchair was all I could hope for by way of a change of scenery. Thankfully, I’m pretty good at being alone. But I had my days, as I’m sure you had yours. Those where worry is more plentiful than laughs and another glass of wine can’t hurt.

Real or romanticized, a new year feels like a fresh start, certainly. And when we feel better, we’re motivated to find the energy to do better. Writer Kaye Byrd calls on data and local therapists to stress the importance of staring down our demons and addressing our mental health in an authentic way (Page 36). Only once we’ve identified our problems can we start to make positive changes that nudge us closer toward healing. We’ve also rounded up our favorite health and wellness apps, helping us do everything from make sure we’re getting enough water to develop a meditative habit (Page 14).

As we prepare for the inauguration of the country’s first Black, first woman vice president in Kamala Harris, we sit down for a Q&A with Michigan’s first Black lieutenant governor, Garlin Gilchrist (Page 30). Our cover star chats about paving the way, a commitment to inclusion and how his family keeps him forever grounded. We also check in on an app that connects Detroit’s entrepreneur community (Page 16), and photographer Bre’Ann White tells us how she “stumbled into” photography but stayed to capture the beauty that is Black skin and the Black experience (Page 22). And, for your fashion fix, we’ve got patterned pieces from our favorite brands (Page 24), because there’s nothing like an absurd print to lift your spirits.



Enjoy the issue.


Paris Giles

Senior Editor

Garlin Gilchrist

Leading the Charge: Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist

We sat down via Zoom with Michigan Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist to discuss being first, equity, family – and how 2020 has changed everything.
mental health

Mind Over Matter

We’ve said goodbye to the longest year on record, but few of us have escaped unscathed. Mental illnesses have surged, and loneliness abounds. Still, as we look ahead to a new year, let us also resolve to work toward a strong mind and a new attitude.
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Plain Sight

App Plain Sight Connects Entrepreneurs to the Business Community

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