January 2022


Like many, I grew up indulging in magazines that shared Black Culture, Fashion, Beauty, and Stories. Word Up! delivered all the posters of my teenage crushes plastered on my wall. Jet showed me the essence of Black beauty and that it was attainable. Essence, a personal favorite, always inspired me to be unapologetic in sharing my black girl magic with the world.

As a Creative and Native Detroiter representing the Eastside (48205, to be exact), I’m excited to join this diverse editorial and creative team. Together, we look forward to creating a more comprehensive platform that is inclusive of all of our voices.

In this issue, it was essential to do two things we rarely do – Give a Black Man his flowers and talk health & self-care. Yes, at the same time.

People around the globe are changing the narrative and shattering glass ceilings – sometimes forgetting to unplug and disconnect because, in our community, we’re built to hustle hard and grind harder. Our January Cover Story, Marv Neal, is the epitome of a hustler. From his Street style to his demeanor, Marv Neal is unexpected to be the styling genius he is, yet has made a name for himself to earn a spot in fashion houses and on sets he wouldn’t have imagined. In our exclusive interview, he reflects on his upbringing and how he became the go-to man in and beyond the Detroit scene.

Understanding his journey isn’t without a bit of doubt along the way; we also take a look at Impostor Syndrome through the lens and personal story of Comedian Mike Geeter. Geeter shares five helpful tips on how we can overcome anything.


As we are preparing for the new year vision boarding and goal planning- in this issue, we also encourage you to look at habits you may need to break while sharing some you should adopt.

Among all this issue has to offer, you’ll also find food and drink recipes perfect for kickstarting your healthy eating journey for the new year!

We hear you. We see you. We got you.

Erikka Yvonne
Editor in Chief

IG: @erikkayvonne
Twitter: @erikkayvonne


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