July 2019

July 2019

In our cover story, we take a look at the historical atrocities and more recent injustices that have cultivated a distrust of the medical industry amongst black America. The remedy may be simple: More black people in white coats. We round up a bunch of easy summer reads, movies and TV shows sure to help you escape the heat. Aleiya Lindsey and Amani Olu prepare to unleash Detroit Art Week on the city, Desiree Cooper lifts the veil off ‘The Tetra,’ two murals go up at the Music Hall, plus much more.

Medical Mistrust

Evils in Medicine Have Bred Distrust in Black America

Will we even be believed when we complain of what ails us? Too few black doctors means that our cries of pain are often downplayed, if not outright ignored and, in turn, left improperly treated. We need more black people in white coats.
Summer Entertainment

Summer Entertainment Escape

When you find yourself all farmers-marketed out and ready to trade the heat for some chill, enjoy our picks of easy summer reads, movies and TV shows.
Denise Hudson

Denise Hudson, President of the Board, Freedom House Detroit

A commitment to others drives this seasoned Detroit lawyer to assist in providing asylum-seekers with resources that will help them settle into the community.

Ask the Expert: What Are the Ways to Prevent a Stroke?

Symptoms include sudden weakness, numbness, slurring words, or mental confusion.
Detroit Art Week

The City Prepares for Detroit Art Week

Aleiya Lindsey and Amani Olu have beckoned 150 artists, curators and gallerists to Detroit for five days of exhibitions, performances and more.
the Tetra

Detroit Proper: ‘The Tetra’ Encourages You to Fan the Flames Within

Esoteric messages from these secret senders seem to say all the right things.
Detroit is the New Black

Détroit is the New Black Revamps its Style

Owner Roslyn Karamoko recently unveiled a newly remodeled location and a new commitment to sustainable fashion.
Team Wellness Center

Team Wellness Center Psychiatric Urgent Care Unit Adds Suicide Prevention Hotline

TWC’s eastside location is now equipped to deal with psychiatric and addiction needs that are non-emergent but require immediate attention.
Music Hall murals

London-Based Artist Richard Wilson Paints Two Murals on the Music Hall

The legend Stevie Wonder adorns the venue’s south-facing wall.
Live6 Alliance HomeBase

Live6 Alliance Opened Neighborhood HomeBase

The storefront-style location is open to the public and houses crucial resources for the community.
Idlewild Music Festival

Idlewild Music Festival is Back at a New Locale

The weekend-long festival celebrates black music, culture and the historic Idlewild, Michigan.
Wayne County Aquatic Center

Wayne County Family Aquatic Center Invites Families to Splash Around

The water park opened in Chandler Park Memorial Day weekend.

SEEN: Michigan Opera Theatre’s BravoBRAVO! 20th Anniversary Celebration

Michigan Opera Theatre invited guests to dress in "creative black tie" and celebrate the connection between the theater and Detroit's residents during this much-anticipated annual fundraising soiree.

BLAC’s 20th Anniversary Throwback: Kicking it Back to 2005

Celebrating BLAC's 20th anniversary and remembering what we and the culture were up to in 2005, plus remembering our sit-down with Detroit's up-and-coming anchorwomen.