March 2020


As we dust ourselves of awards season, we wonder: When the #BlackSoExcellent why the #OscarsStillSoWhite? Also in March, we check in on the city’s 2020 census preparation and meet the people and orgs working to settle nerves and bust myths. We round up our favorite popcorn shops and sample some off-kilter flavor combos, visit two exhibits that are the epitome of arts and culture, meet a Highland Park native who believes a stitch in time saves nine – and neighborhoods, plus much more.

film and TV

Black in Hollywood

Recent years have seen culture-conscious voices behind the scenes translate into a more authentic, fully realized representation of black life in front of the camera. Still, recognition for our achievements on screen continues to lag.
2020 census

Detroit Prepares for the 2020 Census

New technology, fear of deportation and a generally undereducated populace. This 2020 census may just be the toughest one yet – but don’t count us out.

Black Balled: The Whitewashing of Professional Basketball

Experts point to a rising trend of NBA and NCAA recruiters seeking and developing elite, white players from Europe and elsewhere outside of the States instead of nurturing homegrown, African American talent. Are our boys slowly being squeezed out?

The City’s Most Poppinest Popcorn Shops

These local Black- and woman-owned popcorn makers are serving up buckets of fun.

The Silly Gooses That We Are, We Flew North and Now We’re Stuck with...

Don’t believe the sunshiny hype. Spring ain’t here yet.

‘Queen: From the Collection of CCH Pounder’ Exhibit at The Wright

Pieces from the actress’s personal collection celebrate black womanhood.

‘GRAILS: The Sole and Black Culture’ Sneaker Exhibit on Display at The Carr Center

Nike’s second woman of color designer, Cheresse Thornhill, displays her work alongside local sneakerheads.
Playa vs. Playa

Playa vs. Playa Gaming Lounge Sets Up on the Westside

Lance McGhee is capitalizing on the city’s booming esports industry.
The D Loft Cafe

The D Loft Expands with Food Incubator in Oak Park

The D Loft Café brings together the city’s “food-preneurs” for growth and networking.
The Dirty Show

SEEN: The Dirty Show International Erotic Art Exhibition

The Dirty Show returned to the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit two weekends in a row to deliver the area’s largest erotic art exhibition.

Omari Rush, Executive Director, CultureSource

This Tallahassee native heads a member association that nurtures southeast Michigan’s arts and cultural organizations.

Backstitch, a Sewing and Alterations Shop, Opens in Highland Park

Owner Kristine Ferguson wants to create a neighborhood space for women to learn and hang out.
Family history

Ask the Expert: Why Does Family History Matter for Your Personal Health?

Obesity, diabetes and hypertension – all ailments that disproportionately affect the black community – have strong family ties.