March 2021

BLAC COVER March 2021

Where the Heart Is

Along with handwashing and masking up, some other sound advice came out of the early days of lockdown. They told us to make our homes as comfortable and peaceful as we possibly could, because we’d be spending a lot of time indoors over the next … few weeks. It’s been a year, and we’re still at home. While we may not have found the ardor to eliminate all from our lives which does not spark joy, we have discovered a greater appreciation for our homes, for what we can accomplish there and for the people who inhabit them.

For our cover story, we ventured to Palmer Woods and to a midcentury home built in 1959, the first residential project by the late architect Irving Tobocman who designed 400 structures across the world before he died in 2017 (Page 48). Our homeowners, Kizzmett and Harold Collins, purchased the property in 1999, attracted to its unique façade and Tobocman’s layout, conducive to indoor-outdoor living. Over the years, the pair filled the space with works of art collected during their travels and pieces of sentimental significance, and, in 2018, they called on interior designer Jeanine Haith to bring it all together. 

Our kids have also had to learn what it means to make the most of your home environment. Most schools have been closed for in-person learning since last spring, with administrators scheduling virtual classes and parents makeshifting kitchen table workstations. We wonder: What effect is this isolation having on students’ social and emotional wellbeing (Page 44)? The grown-ups remember the skills tests. We learned a lot in school, only some of it by way of textbooks and blackboards. Are crucial lessons being missed? One Detroit family tells us how they’re coping. And Detroit Promise and Detroit College Access Network offer college preparation tips for students and parents, from applying for scholarships to choosing the right school (Page 40).

March is Women’s History Month and as we peer back let us also consider how we can get involved and make a difference in the present. We’ve scouted a handful of local organizations that center women and girls, and could use your time and attention. Also, in a bit of cheeky fun, we’ve got an all-pink beauty and fashion roundup, from powdery pastels to bold magentas (Page 36). And we check in with sculptor Austen Brantley and learn how he’s shifted his attention to public spaces while working to disrupt our idea of beauty, strength and masculinity (Page 30). Among additional offerings in this issue, you’ll find the latest in new books, TV and film (Page 33). Notably, The United States vs. Billie Holiday comes to Hulu. In this Lee Daniels adaptation starring Andra Day, we watch Holiday as she stands up against censorship and fights for a lady’s right to sing the blues.



Enjoy the issue.


Paris Giles, Senior Editor

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