May 2019

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We honor our human mothers, but have we forsaken our earth mother? We’re taking a look at climate change and its devastating effects on poor communities and communities of color. Experts say if we keep down this destructive road, it’ll be us who first feel the heat. Desiree Cooper reflects on her own constant struggle, despite her success, to destroy the seeds of negativity planted inside her, we explore fun workouts led by black instructors, meet the 20-something who founded Detroit’s first drop-in shelter for homeless youth, plus much more!


BLAC’s 20th Anniversary Throwback: Looking Back at 2002

Celebrating BLAC's 20th anniversary and remembering what we and the culture were up to in 2002.
Climate Change

A Look at Climate Change and Why Black People Will Be Among Those Hardest...

The planet is warming at an alarming rate, and climate experts say people of color and low-income communities will be the first to feel the heat.

Get Snatched This Summer with these Black Instructor-Led Workouts

The classes led by black instructors will help you work out your mind, body and soul.
negative messages

Detroit Proper: Guard As We May, Negative Messages Seep In

Examining the power of words to penetrate, settle in and forever effect how you see yourself – and others.
Detroit Phoenix Center

Detroit Phoenix Center is Detroit’s First Drop-In Shelter for Homeless Youth

Founder Courtney Smith is dedicated to providing a safe and resourceful space for homeless youth in Detroit.

The TEN to Expand to New Center Area

The modern, black women-run nail bar prepares to open second location.

Detroit Pop-Up Midwifery Clinic Travels to Communities in Need

The cohort of midwives provides care, resources and knowledge to moms and moms-to-be.
film festival

Detroit and Ann Arbor Prepare for the Cinetopia Film Festival

Catch the best of the world's most famous film festivals over 10 days in two cities.
Women of Tomorrow

SEEN Photo Gallery: Sixth Annual Women of Tomorrow Graduation Luncheon

Each year, the Women of Tomorrow mentorship program supports about 1,200 students from metro Detroit high schools.
wedded bliss

Wedded Bliss: Embekka Forehand and John Roberson III

BLAC celebrates love and congratulates Embekka Forehand and John Roberson III on their entrance into wedded bliss.

Ask the Expert: How Much Sleep Do I Need?

Dr. William Sharp says adults' bodies need seven to nine hours of sleep a night to function as it should.
Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson, Executive Director of Detroit College Access Network

This first-generation college grad runs a collaboration of organizations that aim to help Detroit students reach their educational goals.