Sex Furniture, It’s A Thing

You might also wonder why such a thing exists when you could just smash on any ’ole piece of furniture in your space, right?

Pleasure is a Healthy Part of Sex:
Pleasure is a Healthy Part of Sex:

Sex furniture has a bad reputation. You might ask why such a thing as “sex furniture” even exists when you could just smash on any ’ole piece of furniture in your house. The thing is, when you implement furniture that’s built for just for sex into your living spaces, you’re creating a sanctuary for intimacy. Some sex furniture is specifically designed to help lift your hips, give your neck a break or make certain positions easier on folks of bigger sizes or abilities. But the benefits don’t stop there. Sex furniture can be enjoyed by lovers of all genders, relationship styles, sexual orientations, sizes, and abilities.

Sex Educator Tyomi Morgan-Najieb

According to Tyomi Morgan-Najieb, longtime sex educator and content creator of the Glamerotica 101 brand, “New sexual identities are being created, Kinks and fetishes are being embraced and a new world of sexual expression is forming.”

Luxury Firm WinkBed

The Best Mattress for Sex

All hail the kings and queens of sex furniture; the mattress. When buying a mattress specifically for sex, you’ll want something firm, with edge support. While bouncing is normal (and good!), your partner on top should feel supported and stable. You might also look for a temperature-regulating mattress or one with a cool gel topper; for me, things get sweaty. Below, see the Best mattress for sex according to the Sleep Foundation, because when it comes to enabling intimacy, not all mattresses are created equal.

Luxury Firm WinkBed for its thoughtful construction, which offers strong edge support and impressive motion isolation.

Pillo by Dame by Enby

Sex Pillow

Wedge pillows are positioning aids that are designed to make sex more comfortable and more pleasurable by providing support and positioning for different parts of our bodies. Sex pillows are helpful for various sex positions. They also work quite well during missionary, if you and your partner have a significant height difference, and they provide more comfortable access for the giver during oral sex. Enby, a Black-owned Trans-owned company who believe all bodies deserve affirmation and pleasure sells Pillo by Dame, a soft-yet-firm wedge that allows you to find their perfect angle. Its removable covers are easy to clean.

Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Swing by Feelmore

Sex Swing

Sex swings suspend one partner in the air, while the other can move around them. They’re fun for folks who want to try suspended positions without having to literally hold their partner’s bodyweight. Many swings also come with restraints and attachments.

There are both ceiling and door swing varieties that are permanent and non-permanent travel-friendly. You could also opt to buy a yoga swing, which is intended for acrobatics and aerial yoga poses, but easily moonlights as a sex sling. Feelmore, Oakland’s only Black- and queer-owned sex shop sells a Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Swing that turns any ordinary door into a swing in just minutes to enjoy weightless positions thanks to the padded seat cradle stirrups and leverage handles. Their swing holds up to 300 lbs.


Sex Chaise

Sex chairs, chaises and ottomans allow you to try new sex spaces and positions in a comfortable way, outside of the normal bedroom setting. Such pieces can provide ergonomically designed and beautiful curves, which mimic the form of the body.

Black-owned furniture brand 54kibo sells beautifully symmetric chairs such as the Milo Emerald Green Velvet Accent chair bringing a modern twist to mid-century shapes. The handmade shape by designer Marie Burgos of the moss green velvet armchair emphasizes harmony, comfort and style. Black-owned Albany Park sells a Kova Ottoman that has a feather blend cushion for that cloud-soft comfort for long bouts of pleasure on your knees, stomach or back.

Spanking Benches or Sex benches

Sex Bench

If you’re dabbling in the world of BDSM or kink, might we introduce you to sex benches, also known as the ‛spanking’ bench? Sex benches are fun for bondage play, sensual massages, or simply penetrating deeper into your partner with a penis or dildo.

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