Black men have plenty of hairstyling options, yet you’ll find most of them wear the same common hairstyles. Yes, some hairstyles do suit Black men more than the others but that should never limit you from choosing unique hairstyles with some customizations to fit your own face shape, personality, and style. Here BLAC has identified the top six hair trends to follow in 2023 for Black men. Whether you’re searching for a new look or just considering some hair creativity, here’s a great list of Black men’s styles to consider.

1Corn rows (with a twist!)


This creative trend is both for men and women, and actually shows very neat patterns in the braids.

2Two-strand twists

Usually women rock this style, but it’s in season for men now.

3Creative dreadlocks

Dreadlocks have been in style, but these men are taking the look to the next level

4Pop Smoke braids

This iconic braid style was reimagined by the late rapper, Pop Smoke.

5Glue-on hair

This trend makes you look irresistible!

6Spray-on hair

Social media goes crazy over these transformations and we love them, too, because they take skill and resilience.

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