Am I The Only One Blog and Podcast Explores the Professional Millennial Experience

The harsh realities of post-graduate life led millennials Iesha Mitchell and Tamika Jackson first to the brink of total frustration, and then to wonder, "Am I the only one?" Living in Chicago and struggling to find and keep a job – Mitchell with a master's – the pair wanted to dispel the myth that all it takes to succeed is a degree and a little hard work, and to let others know that they weren't alone. So they launched the Am I The Only One blog in 2016 and this year they've added a podcast component. AITOO addresses those career blues and other topics relevant to their audience like how to travel cheap and navigating the dating pitfalls. "We wanted to have a platform where we could talk about the young, professional experience, and the trials and tribulations. (And) not just work but also the things that people our age like to do," says Mitchell.

On Sept. 8, the ladies will host a live podcast event at Our/Detroit Vodka in Detroit. Expect a panel of entrepreneurs and influencers including Brittany Adams, founder of Purpose Planner, a line of stylish stationery and planners; and Jamilah Jackson, public relations specialist and blogger. Mitchell is pumped for AITOO to grow and reach more people. "Our genre is different from what a lot of people may talk about," she says. She doesn't wish to take anything away from those who delve into things like pop culture, but says, "I want people to walk away with something when they listen to our podcast."

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