App Deepr Allows You to Deep Dive into Your Favorite Songs


Princess Shuri once told us that anything and everything can be improved. Austin Webster and Darryl Thompson, co-founders of the app Deepr, took that concept and applied it to a tool that audiophiles cherish for quick recommendations.

“Deepr is Shazam, but on steroids,” Thompson says. “It’s the same audio recognition technology, but you can get taken on a deeper dive into the background of the songs. Deepr pulls all the credits for the people who worked on the record. All that info is being lost in the digital world, but Deepr brings it to the forefront.”

Webster says he had the idea out of frustration with the Shazam-search rabbit hole, spending hours online looking up the credits and similar works for artists and groups he was interested in. 

“I didn’t know what points B and C would be, or even point A. I just wanted to know more about the music and artists I loved. The more I learned, I realized my professional background in industry design helped me a lot with concepts and production,” Webster says.

Deepr is available for download now on Android and iOS. It’s free with no ads, can be linked to multiple music services like Spotify, and has a featured database for smaller indie artists and creators to load their songs and credits directly into the app, similar to SoundCloud.


“I grew up in Nashville, but I spent a lot of time in Detroit with my grandparents, so the culture and music here hold a special place in my heart,” Webster says.

“Being raised in Detroit, there was nothing here but great music: Big Sean, the Clark Sisters. So many artists today are great, too, but they never receive the same notoriety. With Deepr, you can promote your music and your team. It’s a great tool for independent and overlooked creators to put the spotlight on themselves,” Thompson says.

Available for iOS and Android

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