As other big cities struggle to minimize crime, Detroit is chill

City of Detroit reports a decline in crime
City of Detroit reports a decline in crime. Photo courtesy of Jason Hutchison
Photo courtesy of David Von Diema for Unsplash

While major cities like New York City and Chicago continue to report surging crime, Detroit is telling a different story; quietly seeing their number decline.

Detroit Police Department’s Chief James White

The City of Detroit has reported double-digit decreases in violent crime through the first four months of the year. With big drops in homicides, sex assaults, aggravated assaults and robberies, the Detroit Police Department credits the work of Chief James White’s 5-point plan as a result. Introduced last year right after taking his appointment as Chief of Police; White’s plan stresses crowd management, police presence, noise and traffic enforcement as well as, community engagement. Chief James White is a 24-year veteran at the Detroit Police Department, serving as Assistant Chief since 2012 and in leadership positions for most of his tenure.

“We follow the numbers and we follow the data sets all the time,” said Asst. Chief Charles Fitzgerald. “We meet and meet and meet and talk about where specifically we need to be.”

Asst. Chief Charles Fitzgerald.

Before the beginning of the summer, the number of homicides had fallen from 102 last year to 82 this year which as a result is a distinct reduction of 20%. It was also reported that sexual assaults have decreased from 256 at this point in 2021 to 209 today, while amazingly aggravated assaults have fallen from 3,598 to 2,942.

Non-fatal shootings, a subcategory of aggravated assaults, have fallen by 26%. The city also reported 33 fewer robberies than at this point in 2021.

Nowhere is the drop in crime more evident than in Southwest Detroit, home of Detroit’s 4th precinct. District 4 is located on the far east side of Detroit. District 4 borders both Harper Woods and the Grosse Pointes and is home to many established homeowners associations and block clubs. At this point in 2021 there had been eight criminal homicides. This year, there’s been just one.


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