AutoGlow 2023: A Brighter Future for Detroit’s Children

Glowing with love and unity, AutoGlow 2023 was truly a night to remember. Thanks to Ford’s ongoing support, this heartfelt event raised funds for The Children’s Center, making a real impact on over 3,500 Detroit families. With a vibrant theme, live music, and awe-inspiring performances, the authentic connection shared on this joyous night will forever resonate in the hearts of every participant. Don’t miss the SEEN gallery below, showcasing the magic of our close-knit community coming together for the greater good. ✨ 💛

A Glowing Tribute: The Celebration
“Let’s Glow” was the exuberant mantra for the evening. Nicole Wells Stallworth, The Children’s Center’s President and first-time AutoGlow as CEO, proclaimed it a fun and stylish way to celebrate the community. Beyond the neon lights and pulsating party vibe, it’s the kindling of hope and love for the countless children and families that truly illuminated the night.

Enjoy photos from the 2023 Detroit Auto Show Charity Preview

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