B.L.A.C.’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Clockwise: Cuff Links, ($35), Hot Sams, 313-961-6779. The Detroit Cuff, ($45-$55), 313-477-0222. Shirt, ($65), Tie and Puff, ($35), Hot Sams, 313-961-6779. Carrot and Gibbs silk bow tie, ($55), Carrot and Gibbs silk necktie, ($55), Emerald Gift Boutique, 313-559-5500. Necklace set with earrings, ($35), The Accessories Shop.

Clockwise: Crimson Manicure Set ($9.95), Emerald Gift Boutique. TokyoMilk Dark Crushed Eau De Parfum, ($38), and Hand Cream, ($23), Emerald Gift Boutique. Thank God It's Natural Ginger Peach Natural Olive Soap with Shea, ($4.99), and Hair and Body Serum, ($11.99), Charles H. Wright Museum store. Lucky Tiger Grooming Kit Face and Shave, ($95), Emerald Gift Boutique


Clockwise: Keys journal, ($9.95), Emerald Gift Boutique. Large Renewal Candle, ($11), Small Affirmations Candles, ($8), Textures by Nefertiti. Leather floor pillow, ($100), from Niger, Northern Africa, Djenne Beads, 313-965-6620. Note cards with envelopes, ($16.95), Emerald Gift Boutique. Inspiration by Crystal McCrary, ($40), Charles H. Wright Museum store


Clockwise: Wine Accessory Kit, ($35), Emerald Gift Boutique. Shades of Color latte mug, ($12), Charles H. Wright Museum store. Kenyan Black Ajiri Tea, ($12), Tulani Rose

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