Be My Valentine

Although Valentine’s Day – and Sweetest Day in October – is an opportunity on a nationally-recognized holiday to show your intended that you really care, often what’s needed is a gift that’ll be remembered 365 days out of the year. There’s nothing wrong with roses, dinner and a movie, but we can all stand to elevate our game. Some of you might even be planning something special for the weekend. This short list is for you. Good things come in twos.

Unisex …

Birchbox Gift Subscription


A unisex idea that dismisses the usual “his” and “her” fodder. These gift boxes are shipped monthly with new grooming or beauty products, so you’ll both be at your best, whatever the occasion.


Framed Instagram Prints


We’re a digital culture steeped in an electronic existence, where the tactile is less explored. No one needs physical clutter and it’s nice to have memories (and your melodies) in the cloud. Still, a sweet idea might be taking your favorite Instagram pics together and putting it together as a collage.

For Her…

Custom Handwriting Bracelet 


This brings the phrase “personalization” to a whole other level. If you, like most lovers, have given up the art of the handwritten letter, this bracelet shows a level of care and thoughtfulness that she’ll love. No one else writes exactly like you and that’s what makes this such a warm gift.

Preserved Eternity Rose


If you’re going to give her a rose, why not make it something that’ll last an eternity? Well, contrary to its moniker, the rose will actually last about three years, but that’s more than some relationships.

For Him…

Bi-Fold Charging Wallet


What guy doesn’t need a new wallet? And even if he claims he doesn’t, how about one that’ll actually charge his phone? This one will be relevant (and useful) well after Feb. 14.

International Mountains Whiskey Glasses


If your man loves whisky, why not have him climb a mountain? Each glass features a raised topographic impression of four international peaks. It gives a different shape to the whiskey and provides a unique way of experiencing this popular spirit.

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