Bookies Bar & Grille co-owner on Tulsa shooting: ‘Listen to police…and don’t get shot’

The co-owner of Bookies Bar & Grille in downtown Detroit posted several harsh statements about the shooting of an unarmed black man in Tulsa, Okla., claiming “the media will cut video” of the incident and warning people to “get ready for the liberal media frenzy of BS.”

Mark Jerant, who goes by Marko Jerant on Facebook and has “Owner of Bookies Bar 'N Grille”  and other identifiable information listed in his profile, posted the comments under a friend’s news link to the video of the shooting, which began circulating Monday night after the Tulsa Police Department released footage.

Like many police-related shootings this year, whether the victim was either an officer or a civilian, the most recent footage from dash cams and a police helicopter has stirred debate and outrage. Per the Tulsa World, the victim in the video, 40-year-old Terence Crutcher, was killed by a gunshot wound from Officer Betty Shelby at close range after his truck was stalled at an intersection.

The men in the helicopter can be heard commenting that Crutcher seemed to be complying with an officer's order because his hands were raised.


Crutcher is then seen walking toward his vehicle while being followed at a close distance by two uniformed officers. One of the men in the helicopter notes that it appears a Taser is about to be deployed, and the other comments that Crutcher "looks like a bad dude, maybe on something." The angle of the video shifts, making it difficult to see the moments leading up to the deployment of the officers' weapons, but Crutcher falls to the ground next to his driver's side door, and one of the voices says it appears he was Tasered.

When the helicopter circles back around the vehicle, Crutcher can be seen lying on the ground next to the vehicle with a blood-soaked shirt.

Jerant, who co-founded Bookie’s in 2003, appeared to be dismissive. Screenshots of his comments, posted early Tuesday morning, quickly circulated on Facebook and Instagram, prompting surprised and angry responses from patrons.

Do you mean the unarmed man Who didn't listen to police……. Again.

The one who continued to resist by waking away from the police …. Again.

The one who continued to walk away with his hands up, and proceeded to disobey more orders all the way back to his vehicle.

Tthen put his hands down continued to disobey orders and then reached into the open widow of car? That unarmed man? That one that simply didn't listen ……. Again.

Get ready for the liberal media frenzy of BS. Then the audio will come out, then everyone will say he didn't listen, then after a false narrative for 3 months by BLM and "rioting peaceful protests" everyone will say ohhh I guess he was wrong, and the police were right? Then after a real investigation the truth comes out?

Simple story never changes. Listen to police who have guns pointed at you and don't get shot. It isn't hard.

Here we go again. "Hands up" until they aren't anymore. The media will cut video then, just wait until mainstream plays the clip. CNN we are ready for your half story !!! They will ignore everything else. Clicks and ads it's always about money not the truth. watch and see.

Bookies' Facebook page appears to be taken down.

This wouldn’t be the first time a local business owner has had hotheaded commentary on police shootings. In 2014, Tim Idzikowski, co-owner of the Detroit BBQ Company, caught flak for disparaging comments toward Detroit Police Department officers in the wake of a shooting of two New York Police Department officers, and again a few months later under the Detroit BBQ Company’s business handle.

Populux, the former electronic dance club, also landed in hot water following a set of racist tweets that led to canceled bookings and outrage from customers. The venue has since reverted back to The Magic Stick, its original branding.

UPDATE, 1:52 p.m.: Bookies’ other co-owner, Jay Lambrecht, offers comments in a Facebook post:

Thank you to all my great friends for your support and understanding that the comments made by my business partner are not mine nor are they of our wonderful staff at Bookies. I am embarrassed and sorry, Bookies only has survived because of the community support of the last 14 years. I have been always been proud to have one of the most diverse bars in the city…that's what makes Bookies a special place. David Gray was there for day one when we opened our doors. I am grateful for his support and I appreciate his ability to separate me from these remarks… hopefully our community can do the same.

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