Bored racist with nothing better to do trolls U-M’s black students

o no surprise, some people just don’t know how to act now that Trump is officially in office. A grand example: this guy trolling a prospective University of Michigan student group chat by casually dropping the N word on the day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration.


The screenshots were posted to a Facebook event created this week by the University of Michigan’s Students4Justice group to raise awareness of the issue and encourage students to call on U of M to revoke the student, who identified himself in the group chat as Alex Whitley.

Though Whitley, who posted the initial message with the racial slur, was eventually identified as just a troll who goes to different college group chats to stir up trouble, he isn’t the actual issue here. The other students in the group who felt emboldened to air their repressed racist feelings is something all too common these days.


And of course the affirmative action topic was brought up because we can't have anything nice.


This incident just highlights the struggles that students of color at predominately white institutions, especially at U of M. Just last year, flyers advocating white supremacist ideas were hung around the Ann Arbor campus and in 2014 black students at U of M gained attention posted about being black at U of M with the hashtag #BBUM, which gained national attention.

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