Chevrolet, NASCAR offer diversity scholarships to STEM students

To ease some of the stress that comes with being a college student, Chevrolet and NASCAR have announced a new scholarship for science, technology and engineering-focused majors with an added emphasis on boosting the outcomes of minority students.  

The Diversity Scholarship Contest aims to expose prospective college students and current collegiate scholars to the ever evolving STEM field.

“At GM, we believe success and innovation lies in attracting unique and creative talent,” Ken Barrett, GM’s Global Chief Diversity Officer, says in a news release. “Diversity within STEM is not only a priority, but a necessity as we continue to face new challenges and opportunities with the advancement of technology.”

Chevrolet and NASCAR will award four deserving scholarship applicants as well as give recipients an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience at a NASCAR race.

To apply, simply prepare a 90-second video centered around a STEM-oriented racing application and why it may be important to the advancement of motorsports.


Sounds easy enough, right? The deadline for applications is Oct. 15, so there’s plenty of time to meditate on how to create the best video of your college career.

The application is open to students who are between the ages of 18- 25 and enrolled at an accredited college or university within the United States.

To find out more information about the NASCAR Chevrolet Diversity Scholarship Contest, click here.

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