Continuing J Dilla’s Musical Legacy

Detroit music teachers gets a full-day intensive training on music production

J Dilla. Photo courtesy of Johnny Tergo.

Detroit-born Music Producer J Dilla has helped to shape the sound of music and create some of the most iconic tracks in history.

To continue his legacy, Wayne State University (WSU) and Save The Music Foundation are teaming up to provide a full-day intensive training program for music educators in the Detroit area.

J Dilla

The intensive training will be held tomorrow July 8, 2022 at the WSU. It will introduce teachers to music production pedagogy and give them the opportunity to use software and equipment from the J Dilla Music Tech Grant, provided by Save The Music.

WSU hopes that this program will help keep the legacy of J Dilla alive in music education and continue to inspire future generations of musicians, and music producers.

This program is part of a larger effort by WSU and Save The Music Foundation to advocate for music education.


The intensive training is part of the J Dilla Music Technology Grant. It aims to deliver the future of music education, and mainstream the use of technology in music and integrate these in existing music curricula.

The grant hopes to introduce the fundamentals of electronic music creation, recording, and production. Through this program, students will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to produce their own music, as well as develop confidence in their abilities.

Meanwhile, the Save The Music Foundation is a nonprofit that helps students, schools, and communities reach their full potential through music education. For 25 years, Save The Music invested in under-resourced communities across the US to address inequities in music education.

The foundation’s investments include donating school instruments and technology, working as a convener, expert, and catalyst, helping to train and support music teachers, and starting and building new music programs in over 286 school districts nationwide.

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