Details of the New Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit

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hree years of scaffolding and yellow construction tape will wrap with the unveiling of DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital's new radiology department and entrance lobby in June, says Paula Autry, the hospital's Chief Executive Officer.

At the center of the $77 million renovation is a new emergency department double the size of its predecessor and increasing the comfort level for the 100,000 patients who come through the doors each year.

"This means more and bigger treatment rooms, four trauma rooms and dedicated private areas for pediatric patients and seniors," Autry notes. "These enhancements mean we are able to be more efficient in providing care."

The Sinai-Grace renovations also include an expansion of the hospital's critical care department, which opened in January. At 45,000 square feet, the unit is now twice its original size.


"Previously, our critical care unit was on the ground floor," Autry says. "It's now on the second floor, meaning every patient room has a window. We know that access to sunlight improves the mood of patients, visitors and staff."

Patient rooms in the new unit are also larger in size, better accommodating family members and the medical equipment often needed in critical care settings. In addition, the unit now has a number of new conference rooms available for family to meet with each other and their loved one's care team.

Sinai-Grace's soon-to-be unveiled radiology department will boast a designated entrance and improved access to the emergency department. The hospital's new lobby is another point of pride.

"In addition to being much bigger, it will take advantage of lots of natural light," Autry says. "New artwork in the lobby conveys a sense of healing and pays homage to the hospital's heritage."

Created by brothers Erik and Israel Nordin of the Detroit Design Center, the artwork of trees represents the coming together of the Sinai-Grace and Mount Carmel families.

Celebrations are planned for staff and later the public to get a glimpse of the latest Sinai-Grace renovations. A community health event is scheduled for 11 a.m.-3 p.m. June 20 and will feature family-friendly entertainment, free health screens for the first 400 visitors and door prizes. Attendees will also have the opportunity to sign up for health insurance.

"Our renovations now ensure adequate space for patients with the privacy they need," Autry says. "They also facilitate care in a friendly environment with shorter wait times. We're transforming our campus to be a true center for healing that speaks not only to a patient's physical health but the emotional and spiritual sides of care, as well."

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