Eclectic is the best way to describe Detroit singer/songwriter Monica Blaire. Classical training in the arts helped develop her skills as a writer and choreographer, but hip-hop music became her passion, and these influences collided to make her a truly unique talent.  


The night was soft. The sky gray. The perfect setup for the soulful sound emanating from the venue that, at times, was reminiscent of the venues namesake, Aretha. Eclectic doesn’t even come close in  describing Detroit’s own Monica Blaire

From the a cappella nod to SUV with Rain Down on Me to the silky smooth originals, Monica was loving her own damn self. It’s a little smoke, with a pinch of old school R&B, add a touch of Jazz, then take a left turn with a surprise dab of rock & roll. 

BLAC did a spotlight in 2011 of the then recent Kresge Performing Arts Fellow.  We wrote her voice is like a musical instrument. We weren’t wrong.

This evenings opening act would be just as comfortable on the main stage or performing at local jazz club Cliff Bells. I’d pay top dollar to catch that show. This group was tight and feeling it. With the vocals of Monica layered over the top, you’d have to be having a really bad day to not find yourself swaying to the groove they laid out. 

The dance break mid-set was so electric, we weren’t sure who was more hyped, the crowd or Monica. 


One thing is for certain, Monica Blaire is an artist, entertainer, creator and gifted singer. Those fortunate enough to experience her live will come away feeling just a little stronger towards our Detroit jewel. 

Discover Monica Blaire with a sample of her music below

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