Detroit-Based Luxury Eyewear Brand GODNII Launches First Collection


What started out as a dream is now becoming reality. GODNII is a sustainable luxury fashion brand whose primary focus is innovative and functional eyewear. The idea for GODNII came to CEO Ali Evans in a dream at the age of 16 – but it would be another five years before he began the process of designing his futuristic eyewear.

When Evans met his now business partner and GODNII president Keri Roberts he started to research and actively pursue the idea that had been lingering in his head for years. He researched local and international eyewear companies and eyewear manufacturers. He says, “Every project was over a $100,000 and, at the time, I couldn’t see how it could happen at 21 years old, let alone the process to make glasses myself.”                                                        

Now, Evans and Roberts are ready to show the world what they have been working on. GODNII is planning to showcase Detroit through the GODNII lens with a short film. “The debut will cover two major components: a fashion experience and a series of intriguing conversations led by Evans,” Roberts says. “The conversations and showcase are focused on fashion, innovation and vision.” 

Video viewers will be able to see and preorder the first collection of sustainable luxury GODNII frames. They’ll also get a sneak peek into the making of the glasses, with behind-the-scenes glimpses into what it takes to be an eyewear designer in Detroit.

Roberts says, “We want to highlight all of the beautiful parts of Detroit. We create eyewear – but it’s bigger than that.” The virtual exhibit will be available on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo and the GODNII website.                   


The first collection of limited, handcrafted acetate frames will come in three standard styles – rectangle, square and circle. Along with the collection, GODNII has created a utility travel bag with a special spot for your glasses. The goal was to establish a luxury eyewear company with a simple frame and then evolve that into a technical frame that can be more functional.

Eventually, GODNII hopes to introduce technology, including blue-light-blocking lenses and audio glasses with bone conduction, which would allow GODNII wearers to give their eardrums a break while they listen to music or have phone conversations.                                                       

GODNII is already in the process of preparing a second collection to launch in the first quarter of 2021, to be handmade from salvaged wood and metal collected from Detroit’s historical buildings. They are working with ​Architectural Salvage Warehouse of Detroit to create the next vision; hand-dipped pure gold accents will be added to the glasses for extra flare. 

Customers will be able to take GODNII frames to their eyewear prescribers for corrective lenses to make their fashion functional. Evans and Roberts say the name GODNII represents God in your eyes, God and I, and God in I. 

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