Detroit Columnist Chuck Bennet on Beauty Salon Etiquette

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eauty salons are places where good manners can make a world of difference in everyone's experience. When someone is rude and doesn't follow the rules, it can throw everyone off kilter. The most common areas of concern in beauty salon etiquette are making appointments, being on time and interacting with the beauty salon staff. Here are a few suggestions:

What time was I supposed to be there?

Do your best to arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment. If you're going to be more than a few minutes late, call the salon immediately, and don't be disappointed if you lose your spot. If your stylist is late seeing you, allow about 15 minutes before you get irritated. It's very rude to not show up for your appointment. If you can't come, call the salon as soon as you know.

Dyed, fried and laid to the side, please

The best way to communicate to your stylist the type of hairstyle you want is to bring pictures. This doesn't, however, mean it is necessarily the right style for you-or even realistic. If the look isn't for you, a good stylist will keep in mind the style you desire while proposing a look that is realistic for you and your hair. Don't forget to consider your personality, lifestyle (how much time you want to spend each day maintaining your style) and of course, the type of hair you have.

No, I said, clean-not GREEN!

We all make mistakes. Even legendary stylists have days that are, shall we say, less than perfect. If you experience a hairstyle faux pas while in the chair, don't freak out-just yet. Most hair mistakes are easily fixed one way or another, and it is perfectly acceptable to withhold payment until the hair is fixed to your liking. If you go to a new stylist who creates a complete disaster on your head, run. Don't let them try to fix it. First time, shame on them. Second time, shame on you.


Girl, wait until you hear this

Regardless to how much fun it might be to gossip while in your stylist's chair, restrain yourself

Keep your chatter box in check for so many reasons. Most importantly, you don't want to disturb your stylist's train of thought-especially when they have a pair of sharp shears at your nape.

Sure, I can talk now

Actually, no you can't. Unless it's an emergency, let your calls go to voicemail. It's difficult for your stylist to maneuver around your head when there's a phone attached to your face. If it is a call you must take, excuse yourself and make it quick. Besides, customers chatting on the phone can be very distracting to the stylist as well as the customers around you.

I appreciate you

Be sure you spread a little love in the salon with gratuities. Just as you expect a gracious level of customer service, you should be gracious in return. A 10 to 15 percent tip is perfectly acceptable, but a 20 percent tip shows sincere appreciation for a job well done. You should also give a couple dollars to any assistants who may have worked with you as well.

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