Detroit Public Schools, city of Detroit agree to begin work on ailing school buildings

etroit Public Schools and the City of Detroit have signed a consent agreement outlining a timeline for fixing hundreds of safety and health violations in 26 schools.

The agreement comes after numerous student and teacher sickouts and protests shined light on disastrous conditions in Detroit Public Schools, in addition to the district's $515 million deficit.

"What we wanted was a commitment from DPS with specific timelines for making each repair and a binding agreement enforceable in court if those timelines are not met," Mayor Mike Duggan says in a statement released today. "We're very encouraged that DPS has entered into this consent agreement and look forward to their prompt progress in creating safe schools for our children."

The agreement, as well as a list of details about the issues needing to be addressed and the timeline for completion, is available on the city's website.

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