Detroit Public Schools Community District Introduces a Homework Hotline

The hotline is available Monday through Thursday to help parents with the nightly homework routine.

Homework Hotline

It’s a pervasive enough message. According to the United Negro College Fund, “Students of color are often concentrated in schools with fewer resources. Schools with 90 percent or more students of color spend $733 less per student per year than schools with 90 percent or more white students.”

We don’t need
to point out the disparities to know the problem is one of home and school. The
two must work in tandem for students – especially black students – to achieve
academic success. We know the many disparities, but what’s being done about it?


Fortunately, the Detroit Public Schools Community District Homework Hotline is here for support. Working parents know the nightly experience of trying to help their children while balancing whatever needs to be done in the evening.

The Homework Hotline features direct access to a certified teacher, Monday through Thursday, from 5-8 p.m., excluding holidays and school closure days and is available for students K-12 for help in math and English language arts.

Did you Know?

While most
online searches for the “top subjects kids struggle in” all end with
math rising to the top of the list (for various reasons), a 2014 study by
Educational Research and Reviews takes a different approach: it’s all in the

The study
concluded that – as far as a child’s attitude was concerned – English was the
most important subject, followed by mathematics, reading, social studies and
science, respectively. Moreover, mathematics was the most favored subject,
followed by English, social studies, science, art, industrial arts and reading.


5-8 p.m., Monday-Thursday, excluding holidays and school closure days