Did Trey Songz get arrested in Detroit last night? YUUUUP!

Apparently Trey Songz lost his damn mind last night at Joe Louis Arena.

Per reports from, well, all of your Facebook friends that were there and later Detroit Police, Songz was arrested after tossing around equipment – that would be destruction of property, a crime – during Big Show at the Joe, where Chris Brown and Lil Yachty were also on the bill. One of the microphones struck a Detroit officer – battery, also a crime – who was later treated for a concussion.

You might have seen this video (or some iteration of it) floating around, but in case you haven’t, watch Songz express his displeasure at having his mic cut off during the show:

Typically in situations where multiple artists have to share a stage, promoters and concert organizers stipulate in advance how much stage time each artist gets. It’s usually divided up evenly, or a more popular artist may be allowed more stage time than opening or supporting acts.

Add to that the fact that Joe Louis Arena has a strict curfew that has hampered other artists in the past of all genres, including Garth Brooks (he was fined for playing past a 10 p.m. curfew) and Lionel Richie (also fined, but for playing past an 11 p.m. curfew).


Sometime between the show and the arrest, Songz — real name Tremaine Neverson — posted a cryptic IG status about "becoming his own reputation." Boy, I guess. Songz is being held at the Detroit Detention Center, so y’all know where to find him if you want an autograph.

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