DMC’s Conrad Mallett Jr. Talks Stronger, Healthier Detroit

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o matter the venue, location or group I address about the Affordable Care Act, I always remember to thank President Barack Obama and Governor Rick Snyder. Today I am pleased to report that more than 70,000 Detroit residents now have Healthy Michigan medical insurance. The positive impact on the now newly insured and their families cannot be measured. What we do know is the City of Detroit now has a chance as a community to improve its collective health status. This opportunity is directly tied to how soon we, together as a community, can get another 70,000 Healthy Michigan insurance enrollments. In 2014, the Detroit Medical Center helped more than 16,000 people enroll. The good news is we are well on our way to hitting the 2015 goal of 15,000 new enrollments.

I am often asked why the DMC has made such a meaningful commitment to improving this community's overall health. The reason is simple; 300,000 men women and children visit DMC emergency rooms every year. These patients would be much better off if we could provide care to them on a regular basis rather than only when a condition has turned into an emergency. When people have insurance, health care centers like the DMC can help them develop a long-term relationship with a primary care physician. Research clearly shows that people who have chronic diseases and who have a primary care doctor are healthier than their neighbors who don't.

The stronger, more healthy the City of Detroit, the stronger and more productive the Detroit Medical Center. There is no escaping this truth-we need you and you need us. The DMC respectfully embraces this opportunity and is pleased to be recognized as the most community oriented of all of southeastern Michigan's health/hospital systems. Nonetheless, we still need the community's assistance to reach others who need help getting enrolled in Healthy Michigan.

Over the course of the next year we will introduce you to our DMC Path to Health Community Ambassadors. Right now, know this-our community ambassadors will not only help us reach our 15,000 newly insured/enrollment goal, but we will continue on this path in 2016, as we move from coverage programs to care programs. Stay tuned and stay with the DMC. Our medical excellence and community presence is Detroit's opportunity to be better and stronger. We look forward to the journey.


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