H.E.R. Cast as Belle for ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Special

The iconic fairytale is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its historic Oscar nomination with a special on ABC

Portrait of H.E.R., whose real name is Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson. Photo courtesy of HER-official.com.

The ABC program celebrating the 30th anniversary of Beauty and the Beast has found its Belle.

H.E.R. will play the beloved character in the TV special, which commemorates the 30th anniversary of the 1991 animated film’s historic Oscar nomination for best picture — the first for any animated movie. The film also received two Academy Award nominations for its original music and theme song, and proceed to win for the two nominations.

The 30th anniversary program will be directed by Hamish Hamilton and executive produced by Jon M. Chu, (“In The Heights.”)

“I can’t believe I get to be a part of the Beauty and the Beast legacy. The world will see a Black and Filipino Belle!” H.E.R. said in a statement, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. “I have always wanted to be a Disney princess.” The singer said that being casted as Belle feels surreal, and she couldn’t be more grateful for the role.

ABC is producing a two-hour live-action/animated program that will run on the network on December 15, 2022, and will be available for streaming on Disney+ after the TV broadcast. The “Beauty and the Beast” special will include previously unseen musical performances, as well as new sets and costumes. Each performance will pay respect to the original cartoon hit while also adding to its legendary plot. At Disney Studios, songs from the original animated movie will also be performed in front of a live audience. “With her obvious extraordinary talent and stage presence, H.E.R. is the perfect embodiment of our Belle, and we are thrilled for audiences to see her in this celebration of creativity,” said Chu, told The Hollywood Reporter. “We were both influenced as storytellers by the original animated movie, so it’s very exciting to collaborate together to honor the artistry of that timeless classic while also inspiring a whole new generation of creators.”

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