Healthy Hair Matters Foundation Instills Self-Esteem in Teen Girls

HHMF provides life skills, mentoring, free hair care, all meant to lead and build well-rounded young women.

hair care

Tracy Arrington, founder and president of Healthy Hair Matters Foundation, believes that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. “We know that how the hair looks isn’t and shouldn’t be everything about a girl, but it gives you confidence,” says Arrington, whose mom gifted her with her first hot comb in ninth grade; she hasn’t looked back since. “When you feel good externally, you feel good internally.”

Healthy Hair Matters’ goal is to
nurture teenage black girls in metro Detroit from the inside out – and from the
roots down. Its mission is to “develop self-awareness and empower teen
girls” by providing “life skills, one-on-one mentoring, free hair
care services and classes, and scholarships for college.”


Career building, cooking and nutritional skills, and financial literacy programs are taught alongside subjects you might not expect, like dining etiquette and positive relationship building.

“This foundation is run by some of God’s finest women this side of heaven,” says parent Ciara Smith. “Should your daughter have the chance to join this foundation, you will see growth and they will never be the same!”