Here comes the Quicken Bro Express

The M-1 RAIL, the nonprofit that will operate the 3.3-mile streetcar track that will ensure plenty of Dan Gilbert’s minions make it to happy hour at HopCat in time, welcomes its first QLINE-branded streetcar this week.

The nonprofit says that the first streetcar, which is capable of carrying a few dozen entry-level bankers in magenta Express 1MX extra slim-fit shirts, arrives two months ahead of schedule. It makes its debut on Wednesday.

According to a news release, passengers will not be able to ride the streetcar yet, as the vehicle will be used for testing purposes only “to help Detroiters acclimate to the idea of sharing the road with a streetcar, and give us additional time for driver training” months after Detroiters have been already acclimated to absurd amounts of construction-induced traffic along the Woodward Avenue corridor.

The streetcar system, which only goes up to North End and will still need the approval of suburban leaders, even if they have to be dragged in kicking and screaming, to go any further up Woodward to make it a true rail system, is still on schedule to debut in spring of next year.

There’s still lots of construction.


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