If you’re looking for gifts for black female teens, you’ve come to the right place. BLAC has gathered a list of our favorite gifts, most made by Black-owned companies or curated with Black teens in mind.

What makes these products great? They’re designed with the same principle that most other products are: to make life easier and more fun.

As a mom of a teenager myself, I know what it’s like to be way off when it comes to gifting; throwing a bunch of big corporate brand gifts that have no idea how to relate to my daughter or her friends. These companies don’t understand what it’s like for us. They don’t know our names or our interests, so they can’t design things that speak to us as individuals. The gifts and products on this list, ‘Get It,” and your teenage young ladies will love them.

Established in 2016 by Tenisha Wilde, Ten Wilde is a direct reflection of her personal style, which embodies her love for many styles found across the world. Growing up in the redwoods of NorCal to the multicultural background of the Bay Area, and ultimately traveling the world in her late teens to early 20s – her style is all about being refined within the undefined.

2A New Hairstyle

Luxe Beauty Escape owner Jacqueline Turner, says that extensions are her specialty as she’s merged the sensitivity of using this method as a tool for hair growth and protective styling. Her expertise has allowed her to work and see results with women with hair and scalp issues. 

3Headphones & Earbuds

With Black Futurism as the theme, this year’s #BeatsBlackCreators spent four months writing and executing their short films as a team. The artistry and unique POV are on full display in their short films, premiering tomorrow at 9 am PT!

“Black Star,” a person and a place, is an insightful story of creative liberation by facing one’s fears and trusting in oneself.

4Cute Fluffy Shoes

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7An interesting book about a subject the girl is passionate about

Sage Savant Books is an indie bookstore specializing in vintage and rare works of Black Scholars and Writers and has one of the largest curated collection of books by HBCU alum.

9A weekend getaway to Miami

The Dunns Josephine Hotel is a privately owned boutique hotel that reminds you of a very sophisticated B&B. It only has 19 rooms, but each is decorated with an African American musician theme

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