This week’s theme “here we go again,” can connote that we’re up to the same thing on a different day but that’s actually not the case. When we say “here we go again,” what we’re actually saying is; “keep doing what you’re doing.” There are situations that can make it seem like we’re living in a matrix of repetitiveness when in reality, they are preparing you for greatness. 

You’ll see a perfect example of this in our content on Black people in Detroit, Memphis and LA doing more of what they do at being great and getting people out of trouble. Take for example, Detroit’s own, Byron Allen who stepped in to rescue the Black News Channel or Google’s Code Next program stepping in to make sure Detroit students aren’t left behind when it comes to coding. Here we go again also means, over here at BLAC, we’re still introducing you to the best in Black culture; from music (check out our BLAC playlist) to art (check out Artist of the Week) and fashion (check out Stella Jean’s LinkedIn talk).

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Let’s keep doing what we do in excellence.


Darralynn and the Team at BLAC

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THE BEST OF REST for July 22th, 2022

1Byron Allen Bids to Buy Black News Channel

CEO and sole shareholder of Entertainment Studios Network, Byron Allen placed a bid worth $11 million to buy the Black News Channel. Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios Network could be on its way to becoming the official buyer of the Black News Channel. Per court documents, there was a hearing for approval on Tuesday, July 19 at 10 a.m. EST held before Chief Judge Karen Specie. If approved, the Allen Media family will welcome 300 million linear and digitalsubscribers from Black News Channel’s network through Comcast, Charter, Cox, Verizon and Roku.

2As big cities struggle to control crime, Detroit quietly reports sizable drops

City of Detroit reports a decline in crime
City of Detroit reports a decline in crime. Photo courtesy of Jason Hutchison

The City of Detroit has reported double-digit decreases in violent crime through the first four months of the year. With big drops in homicides, sex assaults, aggravated assaults and robberies, the Detroit Police Department credits the work of Chief James White’s 5-point plan as a result. Introduced last year right after taking his appointment as Chief of Police; White’s plan stresses crowd management, police presence, noise and traffic enforcement as well as community engagement. Chief James White is a 24-year veteran at the Detroit Police Department, serving as Assistant Chief since 2012 and in leadership positions for most of his tenure.

3Mo’Nique to get Netflix comedy special

Mo’nique announces her new Netflix comedy special. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Netflix took to social media to announce Mo’Nique’s new stand-up comedy special. The special is part of the streaming platform’s “Strong Black Lead” marketing strategy which features Black characters at the center of movies, TV shows, and stand-up comedy. “Thrilled to announce that Netflix is the home for the next original stand-up special from the groundbreaking, trailblazing, and iconic Mo’Nique!” the Netflix tweet reads

4BLAC Fashion Designer Stella Jean Speaks LIVE on LinkedIn on Building a Career in Fashion

BLAC Fashion Designer Stella Jean
Stella Jean

Listen to Stella Jean, one of most talented contemporary Black fashion designers teach you how to break into the industry. On Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. Live on LinkedIn, Stella Jean’s talk is open to anyone on the platform. In an industry long criticized for lack of diversity and wastefulness, get a glimpse of how a Haitian-Italian got her start in fashion, and how she climbed its ranks to eventually land on the pages of the fashion bible, Vogue, with a brand of multiculturalism and sustainability. You will also get to ask your burning questions through the live broadcast’s chat function where the moderators will pool queries from viewers to ask the designer.

5National Bar Association brings annual convention to Memphis

Conference of the National Bar Association’s Women Lawyers Division during their 82nd annual convention. Photo courtesy of the National Bar Association.

The oldest and largest association of lawyers and judges, the National Bar Association, is bringing their 97th annual convention to Memphis. Starting this Sunday, July 24, thousands of legal minds will convene at the Sheraton Memphis Downtown Convention Center for networking, panel talks, and official meetings. This gathering will also mark the first in-person convention since the COVID-19 pandemic.

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