How Much Would It Cost to Be The Dark Knight?

Thursday, July 19

"The Dark Knight Rises," the summer movie everyone is waiting for will finally be here on Friday. Fanboys have been going a little too hard with their love of this franchise. In fact, had to close comments on their reviews page for the movie because it was getting lit up by angry fans who disagreed with reviewers.

To me, one of the most interesting parts of Batman’s saga has always been the story of billionaire Bruce Wayne. What makes Batman different from other superheroes is that he doesn’t have any superpowers. Well, he does have one superpower that was given to him at birth: his superpower is being stupid rich.

The Dark Knight series has done a much better job of opening up this part of Wayne’s life and doing more than just showing his huge mansion and garage full of foreign cars.

Bruce Wayne isn’t really much different from someone like Mitt Romney. Wayne inherited his billion-dollar fortune when his parents were killed during his childhood. This is also where he got his thirst for crime fighting and vigilante justice.


What few people have ever really thought to ask is how much it costs to be Batman. It can’t be cheap. The bulletproof bat suit, batarangs, bat cave and so all the other Batman accessories have to put a hurting on the Black Card.

Well, the folks at Centives, an economics blog run by students at Lehigh University, asked just that question: How much does it cost to be Batman? They found that the total to be Batman really isn’t all that high (if you’re a billionaire). Their calculations came out to about $2.8 million or $806,386.19 if you only buy one graphite helmet instead of the 10,000 Bruce Wayne orders in “Batman Begins.”

That price includes Kevlar harnesses, Wayne’s custom-made tumbler to roll around the city, Nomex survival suit, gas powered Gatling gun, a Butler who won’t snitch and all the other goodies that make Batman the caped crusader.

There’s also all the time you’ll have to spend in martial arts and weapons training with the League of Shadows in China. But it would all be worth it to be Batman, right?

That $2.8 million would only be about 1.5 percent of Romney’s estimated $190-250 million net worth. So if he doesn’t win the presidential election, he could go fight super villains without doing any real damage to his bank account.

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