Is a Trader Joe’s coming to Corktown, or are we being trolled?

Not gonna lie, I just wanted to post this before everyone else did. But since you’re here, let’s speculate: Is a Trader Joe’s coming to Corktown?

Above is a screenshot from Matthew Naimi, the proprietor of Recycle Here!, a place you should all be visiting if you’re a millennial living in Detroit. Outside the CPA Building, a building once scheduled for demolition at the corner of Michigan Avenue and 14th Street, is a sign purportedly announcing the impending arrival of a Trader Joe’s.

If – if – it were true, it would be the first city location for the chain of supermarkets known for its environmentally conscious offerings and Two-Buck Chuck wine. (It wouldn’t, however, be a first for Trader Joe’s parent company Aldi Nord, which operates a handful of Aldi stores in the city limits). But then again, we’ve been here before where we’ve seen a sign for a new development, and it turns out to be nothing.

But just in case, we did do our due diligence as reporters and put in a call to TJ’s public relations department, which is on Pacific time. It’s still a little early for them as of 11 a.m. our time, so we’ll try and keep you posted. 

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