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Peach Recipes

We get it if when you get your hands on a juicy, ripe peach, you just like to tear right into it. Who could chide you, really? It’s kind of perfect as is. But, hear us out. August is National Peach Month, so to praise one of summer’s favorite fruits, we’ve collected a few easy, peach-forward recipes to help you level up a classic. Oh yes, there will be booze.

Peaches & Cream Martini

Photo by Lauren Jeziorski

What you’ll need:

½ cup peach puree (jarred or made from 1 medium ripe, yellow peach)

½ cup peach schnapps

½ cup cream liqueur (Cask & Cream)


splash of triple sec


What you’ll do:

In a cocktail shaker – or mason jar – add ice, peach puree, schnapps, cream liqueur and triple sec. Shake vigorously. Strain into two martini glasses. Garnish with peach slices, and enjoy right away.

Courtesy of realhousemoms.com


What you’ll need:

1 peach, sliced into 6-8 slices, then halved horizontally

6-8 marshmallows

½ cup brown sugar

½ teaspoon cayenne pepper

graham crackers

What you’ll do:

Mix the cayenne and sugar and toss the peaches in it. Put a bottom half of a peach slice on a stick, add the marshmallow, then the other half of the peach. Toast over a medium-low flame until caramelized and browned. Smush between two graham crackers.

Courtesy of foodandwine.com

Country Ham & Peach Panini

What you’ll need:

8 ciabatta bread slices (or any firm white bread)

4 teaspoons coarse-grained Dijon mustard

4 fontina cheese slices

4 ounces thinly sliced country ham or prosciutto

2 medium peaches, unpeeled and sliced

4 teaspoons honey (optional)

1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

What you’ll do:

Spread mustard on 4 slices of bread, and season with pepper. Layer with cheese, ham, peaches and honey. Top with remaining bread slices, and brush outside with olive oil. In a panini press (or nonstick grill pan), cook 3-4 minutes on each side until golden brown or cheese is melted. Serve immediately.

Courtesy of myrecipes.com

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