Local Podcast ‘On the Go with Tiffany Patton’ Secures National Syndication Through iHeartRadio

On Feb. 22, Tiffany Patton was going about her normal morning routine when she checked her email to find a message from the people at iHeartRadio. The streaming service wanted to syndicate her podcast On the Go with Tiffany Patton and make it available to their more than 100 million users.

"It was extremely exciting and shocking at the same time, because I literally woke up to it," Patton says, adding that it was validation that, although she hadn't always stayed the expected course, she was walking the right path. "A lot of the time, people make decisions in life to do things a little differently from the norm. I've never really adhered to the normal process of radio or media. When you take a different route or stand on what you believe in, a lot of times, you wonder, 'Is this the right choice?'

"I got into radio literally – I almost want to say – by mistake," Patton says. She was driving home one day listening to 107.5 WGPR when the hosts said they were looking for a co-host for the afternoon show. On a whim, she entered their contest and got called into the station for a trial run.

She was nervous and stumbling over her tongue. "(The host) said, 'Tiffany, just talk to the people only in the room. Radio is people overhearing a conversation that's going on.' When he explained it to me that way, it was like night and day," Patton says. They offered her the gig. That was in 2007, and since, she's interviewed Brian McKnight, Erykah Badu and Maya Angelou, to name just a few.

Aside from iHeartRadio and a number of other syndicated spots, you can catch On the Go, which delves into everything from fashion to faith, live by way of Podcast Detroit 5-7 p.m. every Thursday. And who knows what's next – maybe even TV.


"This is what is the core of who I am," Patton says. "I love doing it, and I can't see myself doing anything else. I just see myself doing it on a grander scale."

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