‘LOL smiley face’ is the best way to describe this mugshot of Trey Songz

Detroit Police released to the media just now the mugshot of Tremaine Neverson. That’s the government name in the subject line, but you all know him better as Trey Songz. And the reason why the singer has a DPD mugshot is because he was formally arrested and charged last night with felony assault of a police officer.

LOL smiley face, indeed. And don't act like you haven't been thinking of clever song lyrics to tie to this situation all day.

Songz became unruly Wednesday night after his set at the Big Show at the Joe was cut short. The concert at Joe Louis Arena ended with Songz being taken into custody after throwing sound equipment off the stage and resisting arrest. He is accused of striking a Detroit police officer in the head with a microphone, causing a concussion.

Songz was arraigned today in 36th District Court and is scheduled to appear before a judge on January 5.

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