Lovelogical Aims to Promote and Enhance Nonbiological Relationships

Family dynamics are complicated enough. When you remove the DNA connection, the complications might seem insurmountable for some. Not for Michelle Anderson, creator and founder of Lovelogical. Anderson, herself a product of a blended family – her mother's ex-husband would occasionally come over for dinner – hopes to shift this stigma. Lovelogical, as an organization, aims to promote and enhance nonbiological relationships in families offering support, gift ideas, events and workshops in the metro Detroit area. Lovelogical, as a concept developed by Anderson, is a substitute for the oft-dreaded prefix, 'step.'

"The stigma comes from the word 'step,'" says the Detroit native. "You have a tendency to hear that negative tone. It's rare that you hear step in a positive light." She prefers inserting the word "lovelogical" into the conversation. "I think lovelogical is the perfect way to describe it." Anderson trademarked the tagline, "DNA Not Required," a phrase that appears on jewelry she helped to design, as well as on greeting (and Christmas) cards. The "jewelry is a symbol that says you have 'stepped' above in someone's life," she adds.

Her goal is to provide positive awareness of non-biological relationships that we have around us every single day. "It's about providing information and providing stories to just let people know that we can be happy, we can be positive," Anderson says. "We're all lovelogical in some shape or form."

Join Lovelogical for "Hairfidence: Hair for the Holidays," a day of free hairstyles and cuts for kids in the fostering community.

B's Vanity Hair Salon, 25595 Coolidge Highway, Oak Park


8 a.m.-4 p.m.

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