‘Married to Medicine’s’ Toya Bush-Harris Talks Making Drama

"otlanta" is the new Hollywood when it comes to pumping out reality stars. The city is the setting for numerous reality TV shows, including Braxton Family Values, The Real House Wives of Atlanta, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and of course, Married to Medicine-the Bravo network hit featuring our hometown girl, Toya Bush Harris.

As the show's second season wraps up and each star prepares for a two-part reunion-starting at 10 p.m. on July 13, and at 8 p.m. on July 17-we caught up with Bush-Harris to talk fighting with Mariah Huq, reunion drama, and her relationship with fellow Detroit native reality star Kenya Moore.

What is the biggest difference between this season and the first?

The first season there was this stigma of doctors versus the wives. It was almost as if the wives were put into this bubble where we act a certain way that the doctors would never. But the great thing about season two is it showed that it doesn’t matter-the ghetto, the ignorance, it’s (all) there. This season shows everybody is human, and they’re capable of doing things that are not always the most appropriate. I can appreciate that because season one was such a trying season for me, so my concern was overcoming what happened last season because I felt like that wasn’t a real true life version of who I was.

Do you feel who you image was misrepresented in the first season?

I wouldn’t say that, but I feel that the whole situation that happened with me and (Mariah Huq) and the fight, it just wasn’t a representation of who we truly are. Like I told many people last season, I haven’t fought in my life, so to have even been put in that position was very difficult for me to accept and see.

Do you feel pressure to get involved with drama on the show?

Hell yeah! Are you kidding me? Who wants to watch boring stuff on TV? Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be on The Cosby Show, or A Different World, but if you look at what’s on TV right now, for instance Game of Thrones, that mug is bringing in 6-7 million viewers every Sunday, and that show is about killing, sneakiness and backhandedness. And that’s what people want to see …You almost have to exaggerate something in your life that you normally would just walk away from.


For instance, with Dr. Simone, when we had the situation with her dancing up against my husband, normally I would have just ignored it. But because we’re on TV, it becomes something that you have to play out …You don’t know what they’re going to do. At that moment, I didn’t know she was going to react the way she reacted. It takes a life of it’s own. You hope that they can find positive, funny drama, but that doesn’t always work out that way.

Why did you choose to come back this season?

Honestly, I told myself I was not coming back. I made a decision that it was not beneficial for me, that first season. It was more stress than I had ever endured in my life … But my husband, he was like, ‘first of all, honey, you can’t go out like that. You can’t leave the world thinking that you’re that person. You need to show them the person that I married, the person that I know, the fun-loving, comedic, great mom.’ He was like ‘that’s what they need to see, so you need another opportunity to do that.’

I thought about it, and I came in with a different type of strength. That first season, it strengthened me a lot. That first season made me realize that I can’t change people to be who I want them to be, but what I can do is change me and my situation. And decide if that person is someone that I need in my life.

Would you do a third season?

If the right offer comes, then I would definitely sign on for season three. I think that the girls and I are in a really good place, as far as knowing who each other are, and what they’re capable of doing. So it's always fun when you can fight a war and know who you’re battling. I know what to expect and we can actually find ways to have fun in it. So, I would definitely sign on for season three if the right opportunity presented itself. I don’t see why the network wouldn’t renew our contract. We did pretty good this year, 2 million-plus viewers on the regular, baby!

How do you feel about fellow Detroiter and reality star, Kenya Moore?

I ran into her at the gym. I went over to her because she acted like she didn’t know who I am. I went over to her, and I said, ‘Hi, maybe you don’t know me, but what’s funny is, I remember you. When I was a very young child, you used to go to a hair salon that I used to go to, and this was when you were in your pageant days.’ And she knew exactly what I was talking about. So I said, ‘It's very nice to see you looking so well now, at this age.’

It was nice to see her, but it was very disappointing to see her not show any love because Detroit women, we always stick together, no matter where we are. I don’t care what part of the south, west coast, wherever, Detroit people, we come together, and we show love for each other just because of how Detroiters are. So it was surprising to not see that from her, but she was cordial, I’ll say that.”

What should people expect from the reunion?

It’s very intense. There was a lot of light shed. All I can say is, to me, the best episodes this season are the reunions, and the sneak peeks. We have another episode coming after the reunion that shows unseen footage. Those episodes are going to blow your mind. They blow the other episodes out of the water.

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