Mayor Mike Duggan Shares Dreams for Detroit

t the helm of the city, Mayor Mike Duggan has the power to unlock Detroit's full potential as a literal and figurative guardian of the Motor City's ever-changing narrative and, of course, dreams. And as our BLAC Dreams for Detroit series comes to a close this year, we thought it fitting for the man in charge to share some dreams of his own.

"My dream for Detroit is to see its population grow again for the first time in my lifetime," says Duggan. "It will take some time, but we can do it if we get the police to show up on time, keep the streetlights on and get the buses running on schedule."

He adds: "The most important measure of our success will be how well we make sure long-time Detroiters have access to the new opportunities being created in their city."

For more information about the mayor's office, visit Mayor Mike Duggan's official City of Detroit webpage at

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