McDonald’s General Manager Ida Hayman Loves Her Job

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eneral manager Ida Hayman has worked at McDonald's restaurants for 29 years. But it was working with the Throwers that made her feel like family.

"They call me 'Ms. Ida,'" says Hayman, who has been working for the Thrower family for more than 15 years. She says simply, "They're good people."

"The Throwers are a family business to me. They listen to you. They hear you. They care about their people," she says. "They care about me."

The Throwers also care about the community-and encourage their employees to do the same. Hayman regularly volunteers at the local Children's Hospital of Michigan and, through community partnerships, has invited local teachers and principals to the Mack Avenue restaurant to serve food. It's an important part of community relations Hayman believes puts a warm "face to the brand."


"It makes me feel really good knowing that I can communicate with the principals, the teachers, the parents and the community," says Hayman. "Just like a big family."

And it's the love from her co-workers that keeps her going.

"The people here. I love the crew. They look at me as a mother figure. I've been in this store six or seven years. It's the crew and the customers that keep me going."

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