McDonald’s Helps to Lead Detroit’s Neighborhood Rebirth

As the city of Detroit's revitalization continues to make national headlines, the resurgence of city pocket areas like Dexter-Linwood, Springwells Village, Midtown and Rosedale Park are being led by dynamic entrepreneurs committed to ongoing neighborhood reinvestment. Included in this grassroots effort is a group of McDonald's owner/operators who have begun an approximate 10 million dollar investment in the construction, modernization and overall experience at their 28 McDonald's Detroit restaurants. 

"The conversation about a new feeling and excitement in Detroit has to also be seen, felt and experienced in the urban core," said James Thrower II, who owns two Detroit McDonald's restaurants; Springwells Village and Dexter-Linwood. "This is the first time in decades that our neighbors are seeing construction workers, and investments in technology, hiring and training of more employees right near their homes." Leading the way in these city restaurant reinvestments are McDonald's owner/operators Tina Brundidge, Jon Campbell Sr., Neel Chapatwala, Vasant Chapatwala, Sujit Datta, William Pickard, Errol Service, Sonja Shields, Marla Thrower, James Thrower II and Dominique Virgiles, who are all committed to the long-term growth of Detroit and its people and neighborhoods. Combined, these owner/operators employ about 1,500 people in Detroit McDonald's restaurants. 

There are more than 650 Michigan McDonald's employees who are now taking advantage of the company's strong college tuition assistance program. "We have always been America's best first job, but today we go beyond that, offering $2,500 per year in tuition assistance to eligible employees," said Tina Brundidge who owns four area restaurants. "It's incredible to see the impact we can make on people's lives and the long-term opportunity to connect them with work experience and a career path." 

Beyond investing in employees, new technology, construction and the overall restaurant experience, McDonald's is committed to strengthening the Detroit schools and the overall fabric of the community. The owners recently provided 17,000 meal cards to encourage Detroit Public Schools Community District high school students to participate in the state's Count Day. The McDonald's owner/ operators have also supported a number of Detroit Police and Fire Department initiatives, neighborhood park cleanup programs, the NAACP Act-SO training program, and the 2018 Sankofa Black Business Gala by National Business League, Inc. In May, McDonald's also hosted one of the largest Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour stops at Greater Grace Temple. Beginning this month, Detroit's transformed McDonald's restaurants will feature:

• A new experience, with modernized dining areas and locally inspired decor, new furniture and refreshed exterior designs. 
• Digital self-order kiosks that allow guests to browse the menu, find new options and customize their meal just the way they want. 
• Additional staff specifically trained to help customers use the technology or experience table service. 
• Remodeled counters that offer guests a family-friendly atmosphere. 
• Expanded McCafe counters and larger display cases.


"In addition to the 2018-2019 construction plans in all Detroit restaurants," said Errol Service, "we will continue to be a strong partner with the Michigan Department of Agriculture, and Rural Development, purchasing a variety of products grown and raised in Michigan. " 
McDonald's U.S. system purchased more than $n6 million in Michigan grown and raised products in 2016. Commodity purchases include apples, cucumbers, milk, butter, cherries and beef. The company also purchased more than 90 million dozen eggs from Michigan. "Most people don't know that McDonald's cracks a fresh, Grade A for every Egg McMuffin!" said Service, who owns 13 area McDonald's restaurants. 

McDonald's is also providing customers with easy ordering and pickup options including Mobile Order & Pay through the McDonald's app. This option allows customers to place their order ahead of time, avoid the line and get their order delivered curbside, in the drive-thru or inside the restaurant. The customer's transaction is paid for through the app making the entire process even quicker. Finally McDonald's restaurants in Detroit introduced McDelivery in partnership with Uber Eats throughout Metro Detroit. The McDelivery service provides home and office delivery all over the city and beyond. Mc Delivery is available through the Uber Eats app.

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