McDonald’s Next Gen Entrepreneurs: Ron, Alyssa Moten

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or Ron Moten, finding a franchise to invest in meant finding a fitting brand that would prepare him for owning and operating a business for the first time.

"Specifically, I wanted to get into a franchise because of the training," says Ron, who was working at the Michigan Bell phone company and Ford Motor Company in human resources at the time. "My undergraduate and graduate background was business, but I never owned my own business."

In his search for a franchise, he found the McDonald's training system was unmatched.

"As I looked at all the franchises out there, I went with where I could get the best training. And McDonald's I think had the best training in the industry," Ron says.


He now owns five McDonald's restaurants-two in Detroit, two in Southfield and one in Farmington Hills-after purchasing his first McDonald's restaurant in 1979.

"I think he's been involved with McDonald's ever since I was born," says Ron's daughter, Alyssa Moten. "So all I know is McDonald's."

Alyssa, a former human resource consultant, works as a general manager until she becomes the owner of her own McDonald's restaurant.

"I really enjoyed my work, but I realized pretty quickly that I wanted a more multifaceted type of career," says Alyssa, about her career change. McDonald's was an easy choice because of her father's success with the business, she says. "I knew it would not only provide a dynamic career but it was a brand that I would feel proud about representing. And seeing the work that my father has done throughout the years was something that really motivated me and inspired me to join the business."

She says she couldn't have a better role model-both professionally and personally-in her father.

"We are definitely a lot closer. We talk very frequently now … about McDonald's, about life," she laughs. "He is the best sponsor and role model that I could have right now. I could not ask for anyone better."

In her position as a general manager, Alyssa interacts with hundreds of restaurant patrons a day. And she says each interaction is a chance to positively influence someone's day with a great dining experience-breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"I take a lot of responsibility and accountability for that role," says Alyssa. "So that means making sure the coffee is ready for that customer who comes in for the same coffee with five creams and two sugars every day. Making sure we have that personal relationship that goes beyond getting that product to them."

A little kindness, she says, goes a long way.

"I can make a bigger difference in somebody's life by making it either more convenient or more special by going beyond just serving the product," she says.

And it's that same kindness that helps create a warm working environment and a strong team, says Ron.

"I don't visualize myself as a McDonald's owner every day. I look at myself like a parent-and I am not talking about to Alyssa," he explains. "A parent to my crew and my managers-as a friend, as an advisor. One of the things I try to do with my employees is make a difference in their lives. I say, as an owner/operator, sometimes you don't even realize how much (kindness) might mean to the person on the other side."

Alyssa says being a general manager and watching her father has taught her to be a better "people" person.

"If you don't have an engaged and dedicated staff, you are not going to accomplish your business goal," she says. "So the first thing that I've learned is to lead by example and to be a role model for others. Your staff should always know that you care about them, their career opportunities are endless, and you are there to support all of their aspirations."

Ron says that at his McDonald's locations, success is not measured simply by revenue.

"One of the things that fueled me, especially in the early years, was the fear of failure-and that drives me to want to be more and more successful," he says. "In this business I don't measure success by dollars. I measure success by the effect you can have on other people."

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