Midtown’s newest redevelopment will be affordable housing

e already know the cost of housing in the Cass Corridor and Midtown areas have skyrocketed over the years, with the area attracting high-priced redevelopments. But a new development on Brainard Street, The Treymore, held a ribbon-cutting for a building planned to bring more affordable housing to the changing neighborhood.

The four-story, 30,000-square-foot building, which has been vacant for over two decades, underwent a $7 million renovation, with $3.5 million in funds from the city of Detroit. The Treymore’s 28 units will be reserved for low to moderate income families and tenants earning 50-60 percent of the area’s average median income.

“These are the kinds of projects the City of Detroit is happy to support because they are example of how Detroit comes back, there is room and opportunity for everyone,” Mayor Mike Duggan says in a news release.

Most recently, The Strathmore apartments on Alexandrine opened their doors earlier this year with 56 of their 129 units reserved for low-income tenants. There are several more renovations like this planned to help transform the city, Duggan told the Detroit News— at least eight or 10 projects have been approved in the past month.

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