Multi-Racial Detroiters

Elizabeth C. Kincaid

Handbag Designer

I am a Diasporic amalgamation.


Photo by Shawn Lee

Rev. Horace Sheffield

Pastor of New Destiny Baptist Church
56 years old


I was born to biracial couple. However, with my father working side by side with Dr. King, there was no question who I was, nor who we were. My mother made it a point for me to know my color and my culture, yet to appreciate others as much as I honored mine.


Elizabeth Atkins

43 years old

While I once felt the need to announce to the world every branch on my family tree-African American, English, Italian, French and Native American-I now prefer to let people meet my spirit first. Then I proudly declare that I am a multiracial woman who is gratefully rooted in all of the above.


Lottie Spady

East Michigan Environmental Action Council Associate Director
43 years old

Although biracial-Black and White-I identify as Black, always have. There never was a question for me. It’s how I feel, bone deep.

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