My Dream BIG Club Prepares for its Inaugural Conference

MY Dream BIG Club

Husband-and-wife team Seun and Omonye Phillips intend to set their inaugural My Dream BIG Club conference apart from other empowerment seminars aimed towards professional millennials by actively working to foster connections past cleanup.

“The pre- and post-conference services are what make My Dream BIG a game changer,” Omonye says. “Accountability and a strong support group are two of the most important aspects of professional success.” Expect the upcoming conference to be a full day of motivation, organic networking and hands-on workshops like “Fireside Chat – Female Millionaire and the Power of Social Media” and “Maximizing Your Time Wisely.”

When attendees leave, they’ll have access to an active system of supportive equals to keep their dreams on track. The couple founded My Dream BIG Club in January. Go-getting members of the annually paid program are invited to meetups and parties throughout the year with the specific purpose of encouraging and interacting with their peers.

Members also keep in touch through social media. “We wanted it to have far-reaching effects,” Seun says. Wife Omonye adds, “We have a lot of power when we come together to learn and enact change.” An engineer and pharmacist, respectively, Seun and Omonye based the cornerstones of My Dream BIG on their early career experiences and their desire to “share the wealth” of what they’ve learned.

“The inspiration really came from listening to what our friends had to say and what they wanted to see changed,” Seun says. “Some of the speakers we know personally and some we don’t, but they all have the same drive and confidence that we want to impart to our audience.”


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